We encourage all to read up on their candidates and make up their opinion. For that reason we have given all a shortcut to reading material, (links) and to our recommendation….

About that recommendation.  As when judging cookies by their taste, one must recognize that all cookies taste good. For a judge to discern one over the other, one has to have fine lines and high standards which need to be met or crossed.  Some decisions are easy.  Some are obtuse.  But a decision has to be made, and here it was…


Republican:  Delaware Senate:

Kevin Wade.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,290,3456,4914_crop_detail Smink.jpg.300x400_q85_crop_detail

 Kevin Wade —————-Carl Smink (for more info click each candidate’s name)

Carl Smink is firmly against Common Core.  Keven Wade is too busy in Israel to offer any opinion worthy of mention. Republican parents need to pull for Carl.


Republican:  State Treasurer

Ken Simpler.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,11,1736,2323_crop_detail Sher Valenzuela.jpg.300x400_q85_box-27,0,2381,3137_crop_detail

 Ken Simpler————-Sher Valenzuela

Other than being the most qualified candidate for state treasure that Delaware has ever had, (including the current governor Jack Markell and current senator Tom Carper) Ken Simpler is also smart enough to understand the dire threat posed by Common Core…  This race is a no-brainer for any Republican parent.  Everyone who puts finances over politics as Ken Simpler does, knows the math of Common Core flat-out does not stack up.  Sher is too cozy with the biggest supporter of Common Core in the state… She should not be trusted.


Democrat:  State Auditor

Brenda Mayrack.jpeg.300x400_q85_box-113,137,268,344_crop_detail  alt=

Brenda Mayrack———-Ken  Matlusky

Brenda Mayrack has the best chance of taking out the Republican Tom Wagner.  As auditor, Tom Wagner failed to expose how Delaware’s Common Core money was spent.  Whether in collusion, or just too old to care, Tom let all hands dip into Common Core monies with no accountability.  Democrat parents should set up the best alternative to expel Mr. Pro-Common Core Wagner from his auditor’s country estate…

State Senate 3rd District – Democrat+

Dorsey Walker.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,0,382,511_crop_detail marshall.jpg.300x400_q85_box-743,536,1679,1786_crop_detail

Sherry Dorsey Walker—— Bob Marshall

Sherry serves on Wilmington’s council which is deeply involved with inner city schools. But the deciding votes on this one are as follows:   Senator Bob Marshall on SB 51: Yes; HB 165; Yes; and HB 334; Yes…. These three votes doomed all Delaware’s children, in every district across the state.  Time for an elected official more in tune with parent’s concerns, than the governor’s and wealthy businessmen.  Democrat parents in the 3rd Senatorial District need to support their own kids this year and vote for Sherry.


State Senate 11th District – Democrat

Bryan Townsend.jpg.300x400_q85_box-22,0,2122,2789_crop_detail David Tackett_1.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,0,2536,3375_crop_detail

Bryan Townsend ———-Dave Tackett 

Bryan Townsend is Delaware parent’s best defender in the Senate. He is the only Senator to have enough concern over this test to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment, was appalled (as were we). and who became one of only two Democrats to go against the threats of their Governor and his whips in the Senate and vote no on HB 334, both times…..  Against this giant, Dave Tackett is just another politician.  Bryan is the centerpiece of reason in Delaware right now.


State Senate 18th District – Democrat

Gary Wolfe.JPG.300x400_q85_box-1780,0,4788,4000_crop_detail

Gary Wolfe-——————–Patrick Emory 

Patrick is endorsed by the DSEA.  Not the members who voted no confidence in the launching of Common Core this past spring, but … the leadership of DSEA which is in bed with those thrusting Common Core upon us…  That would be Frederika Jenner,  Therefore it is safe to say, your children will be safer with Gary Wolfe…  Whoever the winner, they face off against Gary Simpson, who also voted NO on the Smarter Balanced Assessments:  HB 334, twice.


State Representative 10th District – Democrat

Dennis E. Williams.jpg.300x400_q85_box-154,0,2383,2974_crop_detail Sean Matthews.jpg.300x400_q85_box-24,0,207,244_crop_detail

Dennis E. Williams —–Sean Matthews

The current legislator seems to have no clue about educational issues or Common Core.  Dennis E. Williams voted for SB 51, HB 165, and HB 334….  With three big black marks, Dennis E. Williams should be portrayed as a supporter for the affluent behind the Delaware Way, not parents.  Him being a “do-what-you-are-told” legislator, makes voting for Sean Matthews a must  for every 10th District Delaware parent…….  Sean is a teacher and promises to have students and teachers issues bounced off the rafters in the Delaware House so they can’t be ignored.   This is a no-brainer.  Parents desperately need an opposer to Common Core in the House….


State Representative 15th District – Democrat

James Burton - redone by Richard.png.300x400_q85_box-256,0,952,930_crop_detail Valerie Longhurst.jpg.300x400_q85_box-27,0,1300,1706_crop_detail

 James Burton————-Valerie Longhurst

Valerie Longhurst, the incumbent, needs to go.  Not only has she voted wrong on the Big 3, but she has used her position as House Majority Leader to stifle discussion and all three were rapidly rammed through with a minimum of discussion. Common Core is too huge not to be discussed.  People who know that common core is damaging to children were never allowed to inform legislators.  Instead only one side was presented, and a vote then was quickly taken. … This person is one the top reasons we are dealing with the demise of the entire Delawarean educational system. Whereas Valerie is so taken with her new friends, the elite, James Burton is firmly grounded in his district.   Burton needs to win here.


State Representative 18th District – Democrat

Chris Piecuch.jpeg.300x400_q85_box-0,11,524,710_crop_detail Michael Barbieri.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,98,1632,2276_crop_detail

Chris Piecuch (PQ) —–Mike Barbieri

Chris is a young parent who will soon have children entering the school system.  Mike Barbieri voted yes on SB 51, HB 165, and HB 334; all three.  The choice  for all parents with children now or soon to be entering school, is obvious.  Electing representatives who will represent them and not be awed by the governor or other millionaires, is the only way parents can stop Common Core.  Indiana did. Washington State did. South Carolina did, Oklahoma did. Tennessee postponed its tests as well as many more… Why?  Because voting FOR the advancement  or Common Core would get legislators thrown out of office.  Go with Chris here.


State Representative 19th District – Democrat

Bill Dunn.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,0,300,400_crop_detail Kim Williams.jpg.300x400_q85_box-777,0,2721,2592_crop_detail

   Bill Dunn —————— Kim Williams 

When Kim Williams heard a hearing was going to be held without the parent’s side of Common Core being told, she risked all and stormed into it, and the chair had her thrown out lest her side of the story get told…  Kim is  true champion for children, parents, and teachers.  With Kim, the ugly side of Common Core gets exposure.  Kim stood up and voted NO on HB 334, the Smarter Balanced Assessment bill. This is another no-brainer choice.  Kim all the way.


State Representative 22nd District – Republican

Joe Miro.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,18,1524,2048_crop_detail Mike Smith.jpg.300x400_q85_box-42,0,302,345_crop_detail

 Joe Miro——————–Mike Smith 

Joe is a long termed legislator who voted for the 3 death sentences…. SB 51, HB 165, and HB 334…  Accountability is the name of the game here and the lesson that one should always listen to ones constituents, must be taught….  Joe needs to lose this round.


State Representative 31st District – Democrat

Ralph Taylor.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,122,1356,1933_crop_detail Sean Lynn.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,0,427,570_crop_detail

Ralph Taylor—————Sean Lynn

Sean Lynn stood up and said he supports Common Core.  Ralph Taylor said he didn’t… Case closed…  Ralph Taylor should be every parent of young children’s choice this Tuesday.   We simply need more people in legislature who insist that the opposing side of Common Core at the very least, gets heard too…  Because when you put the proponents of Common Core up against the truth by those who live, breath, and die Common Core, it is obvious that a mistake has been made…  The last thing we need is another vote for Common Core.  Support Ralph.


State Representative 33rd District – Republican

200px-Charles_Postles Harold Peterman.jpg.300x400_q85_box-4,0,117,150_crop_detail

Charles Postles———-Harold Peterman 

Peterman voted yes on the Big Three… SB 51, HB 165, and HB 334 dooming every Delaware child into a feeder pattern through hell…   Time to retire him.


State Representative 34th District – Republican

Donald Blakey.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,0,1491,1990_crop_detail Lyndon Yearick.jpg.300x400_q85_box-0,0,342,458_crop_detail

Donald Blakey————Lyndon Yearick

Donald Blakey voted for the big three… SB 51, HB 165, and HB 334.…  Accountability.   (What he was thinking; I have no clue,) but it is time to try someone new…..


Special thanks to the News Journal’s Election spread for the photo’s,  Voting is not only your right, but your duty. If Common Core is to ever be held accountable, it won’t come from the top, it must come from you…  Now go out and let them hear you loud and clear…..