When all is hopeless politicians have the duty to inspire hope. That means sometimes grasping at straws. Recently Jack Markell compared Delaware’s 6 poverty schools now thrust on a new program to the Massachusetts Miracle. Pandora expressed surprise at having not ever heard of the Massachusetts Miracle.

Delaware is awarding $6 million to 6 public schools that failed AYP.  These are all public schools and depending whether the $6 million is across 1 year or 3 years, that amounts to an infusion of either $5555 or $1851 per day per school (awaiting clarification as we type). 

The Boston miracle was also about money, but much more.  Passed in 1993 the the Massachusetts Education Reform Act involved a commitment by the state to double state funding of public education from $1.3 billion in 1993 to $2.6 billion by 2000; to provide a minimum foundation budget for every district to meet its needs; to develop strong curricula for subjects such as science, history, the arts, foreign languages, mathematics, and English; to implement a testing program based on the curriculum (because of costs, the state tested only reading and math); to expand professional development for teachers; and to test would-be teachers. In the late 1990s the state added new funds for early childhood education….

It as you can see was a multi-pronged effort.

Many of these are being done already. The funding is a welcome relief and must be made permanent.  (Activists for children need to seriously hound their legislators to tax the hell out of the 1%. )

But based on just the counts and per student cost of Warner Elementary school itself, to meet the funding levels that propelled Boston to the forefront of national education,  the financial doubling that is reasonable for Boston’s success, would equate $7 million alone for Warner per one year…. 

But for now. $1 million is $1 million we didn’t have yesterday… 

Just swear:  no consultants… ever.