1. When it is the parent’s right and responsibility to determine a free and appropriate education for their children and no one else’s; not the state, not the federal government, not a district administrator, nor anyone else who does not know the child and no one who is knowledgeable of the child can see a high stakes test before it is administered to determine the appropriateness to each individual student’s challenges; then no one in the Department of Education can say the test is appropriate therefore the Department of Education cannot determine its appropriateness. Therefore, a high stakes standardized test cannot be used or even considered.

This is especially true of every child outside of the normal range of learning involving an IEP. No IEP child should be evaluated on a standardized test, ever. Simply put, that child doesn’t learn by the standard methods so the methods of standardization would simply not apply to them.

2. The high stakes of high stakes standardized testing has created hostile working and learning environments (insert your own examples here specific to your child). Hostile working environments create stressed-out staff. It is difficult for staff to administer these tests without their own anxiety being apparent; this occurs with teachers working with the general population as well, not just special needs students.

3. These tests only reliably and statistically predict race, poverty, and special needs patterns. The Department of Education already knows the statistics of each child and does not need a high stakes test to tell them something they already know.

4. For these reasons above and many more, high stakes tests are not appropriate for any child, let alone a special needs child, but most importantly ( the parents reserve and exercise their parental rights and child’s rights to opt out,refuse the child’s participation in all standardized tests and test preparations….)

Culled from IDEA, federal law in 2004, Regulations: Part 300 / D / 300.320 / a and Statute: TITLE I / B / 615 / d…..

These two tags of Federal Law, give the parent of every child the right to decide their child’s future… It is the basis behind home schooling…. As long as the child learns, it doesn’t matter how. At stake here, is the tenant whether parents will continue to be the dominant force in their child’s education, or has the prevailing weight been now shifted over to the state.

If the Smarter Balanced tests goes forward, unchallenged, then a precedent has been set for the removal of the predominating force of a parent’s stake in their child’s education. And as we know about precedents, they can by used by anyone to defend anything in the future.

This is about every parent’s right over their own children.