No, it is not a day to slice one’s arms.  It is the NFL’s day of saying you are on the team, or you are off…. The training camps are over, the preliminary games are done; the next games are for real…. 

This is something that happens in sports on a regular basis.  Those who can lead the team forward get to stay, and those who drag it behind, get the pink slip…..

No one would expect it to go the other way… 

Yet in our nation’s politics, the other way seems to happen more than not…  The House Republicans have forced Congress to be the least productive in history, had wasted millions on political investigations, only to have them all come up empty-handed; have shut down government and cost the economy $24 billion; by stating they were going to default on America’s debt, one house lowered our credit rating.  And we got nothing resolved for it; the only thing the Republican Congress has done is kick the debt ceiling up the road… It comes due again after the election.

America could be so much better if there were fewer Republicans.   It is America’s duty to make sure the team we put on our field, is the best one we can possibly find.  Stocking it with losers does no one any good at all.

We need the best… and that means people who will put effort into making big plays, not those ones sitting on the bench, refusing to play unless their absurd demands are met…..

It’s cut day for Congress too…. You need to cut them….