You will probably be greeted with the News Journal piece regarding bus problems. The News Journal focuses on private charter schools (oops, they think they are public now)… but almost every school in Delaware on Monday, had children of whom they had no idea of where home was…  In every office across this state, panic ensued.  Teachers going over files, looking for contact numbers, guardians etc..  

WDEL did a piece on one woman’s outrage… On Monday there were probably a 1000 Delawarean parents facing the same scenario, who were just glad to get their kid, and not one of the rogue elements who wants to go ballistic just to get their voice on the radio or TV.

Thousands… whose child did not get off the bus they got on that morning…. 

Here is what I found out…

  • This historically is officially the worst year ever for bus departure mix-ups.  Teachers asked for the information, and their school offices could not provide it; it has not been downloaded by the DOE. 
  • No new information for this school year was available in the statewide system.  New students especially had to have their old schools called, and asked for contact numbers.
  • This problem was an offshoot of Common Core.  Let me explain. 

Here is how one principal explained it:   Normally we have drills and go over and over the protocol for the first day of school.  It is a priority.  This year, all our time from the top down, has been sucked out by Common Core. Requests for information, items that needed responded to, allegedly immediately… so all the tiny details took time away from the normal training required to get kids on the bus.

I wasn’t convinced:  I asked:  how could that be?  Certainly you know children who disappear are a priority?  “Yes”, I was told, “they are the number one priority.  But have you ever had something so big, disorganized, and time demanding that if you pause for a second, it takes 3 seconds just to catch up to where you used to be?  Well that is what all of us are going through here on Common Core.  It is a disaster already, and I don’t see how it will be working by the end of the year.. Most teachers don’t have their materials, and will have to wing their curriculum and then go back and try to cram the kids for the test once those material land… racing at a fast pace through the entire curriculum in time for the test…  There is no planning.”

But children not getting home?

“I know, I know,” I was told.  “But it is like someone you know who has a heart attack while brushing their teeth? That is Common Core,  You think if it should happen to you that you will have time and enough presence of mind to put the cap back on the toothpaste, but in reality, it doesn’t happen. ” 

Common Core sucks the oxygen out of every room.