When issues fall into your lap out of bills passed, many are quick to point fingers and say: “what were those legislators thinking”… Well in their defense, it could be in the way bills are phrased, written, and passed…  If you have ever looked at a bill being passed, you don’t see a new law that is clear and easy to understand. You see stuff like this… 

In section (d) of (2) of subsections 362 of Title 14, substitute the word “and” with “or”… 

That line is what gets voted on…  To understand this implication, one has to have in their minds the full outline of the old bill, and then a full outline of the new bill, many of which are over 10,000 words long.. One has to then compare the old and new and see if they can find any future problems… This is too much work.  The only people who have time to do that are the ones who want to make the changes to help themselves.. They do so because they have  a personal stake….

It is only when the bill is passed, and there is only one copy, that we can see how the law actually stands…. 

Here is where we are:

There is a 7 out of 10 chance that you child will fail their assessment.  They will have to go into a remedial program or be held back one grade. That remedial program can be summer school, extended hours, or weekend classes.  No parent can refuse.  It is given the same legal status as holding a child out of school.  The child will be truant and all legal applications may be applied to that parent to ensure compliance. 

The cruel trick is that your child will be tested on being proficient on 3 grades in advance, and judged accordingly. If your child was proficient in 5th grade math last year, he will be judged on being proficient in 9th grade math this year…. Without being taught.  

That is the trick…  There is a 7 out of 10 chance your child will be remedially educated….  Be gentle,  It’s not his fault.  It is your legislator’s fault… No child should be held back for not passing material 3 grades in advance….

You see, some dummy had the idea that if you test people on stuff they don’t know, it will improve their education… Now isn’t that the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?