Delaware begins schools today.. August 25th.  As you go through the usual signings and lunch menus and school supply lists and handbook acknowledgements and mission statements and oaths… you will not hear about Common Core.  Yet that is the one thing that you really need to worry about….

I suggest you return a form you make of your own, that says…. 

As a parent my expectation is that my child will learn how to do basic math, writing, and reading.  I also expect him to be taught science and social studies… I do not expect him to be taught to the test called Smarter Balanced Assessments.  I want my child to “actually” go to college, not be called “college and career” ready only to barely squeak in to a community college somewhere because Common Core failed to teach everything my child requires for a good school.

I expect that if Common Core is falling short that my teacher and administrator and school district will compensate, scrap the Common Core and teach as they always have…


Teacher Signature:  ______________________________________________________________________________


Principal Signature:______________________________________________________________________________


(Please return this home with my child. This is a legal document.)