I write this on the first day of the year, because it may become the biggest decision you will make across this school year…. Whether your child is in kindergarten, 3rd-8th, or 9-12, from your old age as you look back, you may remember the 2014-2015 as “THAT year”.

Civil Disobedience is breaking a nuisance law that should not be there, and doing it in such large numbers that it is impossible to enforce and for anyone, anymore to take that law seriously.  It gets scrapped… 

Once is was illegal for people with skin that was not white, to sit in the front of a bus. That law was broken and it was trashed. Once it was illegal for people with skin that was not white to sit at a lunch counter under a sign that said “whites only”.  That law also was broken and subsequently trashed.  Once it was illegal for students of color to go into the University of Alabama. That law also was broken and subsequently, trashed….

Those examples of civil disobedience are familiar historical anecdotes. One one the other side of the political spectrum is the militia that formed on the Bundy ranch to shoot federal employees. Another are the protests in Texas that block bus traffic carrying children mistakenly thought to be aliens.  

Civil Disobedience itself is not illegal, if the law gets changed as a result.

Opting out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment would be  one more example of Civil Disobedience.  This is a parents right to say: I want my teacher writing the tests of my children, not some bureaucrat in Washington.  (The DCAS was teacher influenced, the Smarter Balanced is not)… (You and your child can test yourselves on the samples here.… )

If your child passed last year and went forward into a new grade, he will have to be in the top 30% of his class, to pass this year…  The Smarter Balanced Assessment tests three grades higher than what your child is in.  If your child finished 5th grade this past summer, his test will be 9th grade level this spring…  And only 30% are going to pass.

Most parents say that is absurd…  And most parents have trouble passing the 3 grade math tests, not so much for the math, but for the difficulty in trying to understand what the test question is asking…; they solve for the wrong thing),, Btw, how did you do when you took it?  

So why is this happening?

Private industry wants charter schools.  But in Delaware, the public schools are doing so well no one wants to risk putting their children in charters, which consistently under-perform public schools.  Why would any parent willingly give their child an inferior education?

Therefore if private industry can make all the schools fail, then out of parent’s frustration, they can get students into their charters… 

That is all this scheme is about.  Some people still claim it is about standards… They are simply behind in the dust and can’t see straight. It is about this test, and this test that will fail 70% of those who take it…  You can’t prepare for it.

What you can do, is spare your child.  “What? You taking the test this week, son?  I think you have a fever… Here put this hot towel on your head and drink that hot cocoa while we go to the doctors office… Yep, he says you have a fever… Stay out of school one week?… You don’t mind staying out of school for a week, son, do you?  Since you are “sick” you can play the play station the whole time we are at work…”  

It’s called Civil Disobedience.  And it will save your child…. If you need more insight into Common Core, it’s good and bad sides, here is the best compiled reading list in Delaware today…