Although the nation’s demographic shift is far into the future, this year it hits our schools, never to go back.  50.3% of all American students have brown skin… Whites for the first time anywhere other than professional sports, are in the minority. 

Which means, the majority of Americans will be undereducated, under-prepared, and under water….  Our nation will not survive.  Not because of the melanin in their skin, but because we failed to do our duty and provide good education to our nation’s heirs.  We were pursuing the riches for ourselves.. This problem slipped upon us. 

Common Core is not the answer. although one can say it is an attempt to deal with the problem…. It was a carpet baggers attempt to make browns into solid citizens, and though well meaning at first, over time it became more of a source of income than a social cause…

Social causes and for-profit do not mix.  We have never had success with that combination.  Social causes require money spent to help, and for-profits require money saved to show investors. They are at opposite interests.

This is a problem of national survival… If Mexico can perform better than America, why would business stay here? Likewise Canada. And that is geographically close.  In today’s world, nothing says business has to be close to its market…  

America is wealthy because so many of its citizens have net worth. If that net worth slowly matriculates into fewer and fewer hands, on paper, our wealth may be marked up the same, but in practical purposes, it is not.  Money gets siphoned out of the economy.

That is why we need to scrap Common Core, and begin the only known method of helping impoverished and challenged children learn.  Personal relationships.  We need teachers who have enough time to make sure every student learns under their watch….  Here is how…

A.  We need an 11:1 student teacher ration in every class k-5  as well as every 9th grade in schools that has over 50% reduced lunch.  These are our most challenged and these are the ones who need almost one on one instruction.  11:1 is the perfect ratio, allowing a teacher to know each student and work around those deficiencies that came into the classroom with that student. 

B.  We can put 3 classes in one room, as long as there are 3 teachers for 33 students and as long as each teacher is in charge of 11.  Each group should be sorted by their tested abilities, with the higher scores in higher groups, lower scores in lower groups, and middle scores in middle groups. This provides social dynamics that assist with learning and creates social conversations outside of school that reinforce learning… 

C.  Taxes must be raised on the top one percent to invest in education.  The old property-tax structures can remain in place to fund the status quo costs, but those lucky enough to be wealthy need to now step up and provide their fair share towards the survivability of this nation. 

D.  Testing may continue, but it is to be used to assist the analyzing of a child’s learning problems, or successes. Once teachers are told they won’t be fired because of random test scores, then real teaching can take place and real testing to see how that learning is being absorbed can take place as well.  Currently, students are being pulled from electives to double up on their two testing courses, ELA and Math, if the admins worry the scores might come in too low.  We are raising children to know nothing, just take tests…  We must remove accountability from test scores for them to be useful in any way.

E.  Disciplinary schools need set up to shift the 1/2% who for psychologically reasons will disrupt a class, to be remove to a location that fits their personalities.   The military has great success training whatever comes into their ranks. There are ways to make those personalities useful to society., and if those drives are channeled at an early age, many later costs and problems can be averted….

F.  We need more contracts requiring unskilled jobs to employ the parents of these brown children.  The excess profits being culled off of government “give aways” in tax cuts, need to be diverted into investing in our infrastructure. That can be easily done and was, by raising the top marginal tax percent.  With so much money being made at the top, using just a tiny fraction to fund projects requiring many hands of manual labor, would be the best investment that America could ever make.  

5 things... Just 5 things,  And there is no negative.  No money leaves the economy. These policies actually bring money long taken away, back into the economy.  And in the process, at the end of our school years, no matter what the poverty level, with 11 students for every teacher, and each teacher accountable for passing or failing those students, and each student concerned due to the personal bond that happens in a 11:1 student teacher ratio, … our brown skinned Americans will be as sharp, as bright, as well rounded, as we were when we graduated high school.  

For the most part, we turned out alright… 

We can do this; it is so easy.  The first step is to vote in people not afraid to raise taxes on the 1%.  Failing that, none of the above will take place…  Failing that, we will have collectively decided that we are tired and don’t care if America exists any time after we are gone…. 

That is not an option.