As predicted, the 2014-2015 school approaches and parents turn their vacationed eyes back to Common Core; asking themselves, is this really good, or is it really bad.

Due the overwhelming evidence that opponents of Core have put out, and the microscopically thin evidence showing anything other than slick marketing, most Americans are beginning to see for themselves and through their children’s eyes, just how bad Common Core is going to be.

Gallop jumped in the Frey and has just released their nationwide results…. 

81 percent of those polled said they had heard about the common standards, compared with 38 percent last year. However, 60 percent oppose the standards, generally because they believe the standards will limit the flexibility that teachers have to teach what they think is best.

The message is working:  Common Core is Bad for Kids, and ITTS (It’s The Test, Stupid)….

Interestingly, there is a partisan split when it comes to caring about our children.  76 percent of Republicans  and 60 percent of independents said they oppose the standards. Democrats were the only category of respondents polled in which a majority said they support the standards, 53 percent in favor compared to 38 percent opposed.

Obviously the Democrats are loathe to call out Common Core for what it is because they invented it.  If this is capitalized by Republicans and Democrats are wedded to moving Common Core forward, this could be a game changer, erasing all the misdeed Republicans have done so far.  People are protective of their kids.  Democrats just don’t seem to get it.  Look at Delaware Liberal which says... “I don’t get all the fuss about Common Core.”  Then look at Republicans: armed and ready to fight.

On this one issue they are right, and since it is a bread and butter issue, they had better sharpen their knives and start carving.

(Poll findings are based on telephone interviews conducted in May and June with a national sample of 1,001 American adults, including a sub-sample of parents.) Right dab smack in the middle of the pilot tests for Common Core. 

Other findings from this Gallup poll.

  • 68 percent of those polled were skeptical that standardized tests help teachers evaluate their students, but they support using them to evaluate student achievement or to guide decisions about student placement, particularly in the case of awarding college credit for Advanced Placement exams.
  • 27 percent gave President Barack Obama an A or B and 27 percent gave him an F for his performance in support of public schools, his poorest performance overall since being elected president.
  • A lack of financial support was named as the top challenge facing public schools by 32 percent in response to an open-ended question, the only problem to draw a double-digit response.
  • Sizable proportions of Republicans (68 percent), Democrats (45 percent), independents (55 percent) and public school parents (60 percent) agree that local school boards should have the greatest influence in deciding what is taught in the public schools, as opposed to the federal or state governments.

Although a loose set of standards is seen as desirable by many people, Common Core is being found out for what it is.  Something very bad for kids……