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Support for Common Core is fading.  In a survey of 5000 people, the results show a drop in acceptance from last year to this… 

  • Public support dropped from 65% to 53%.
  • Republican support dropped from 57% to 43%.
  • Democrat support stayed statistically the same.  64% to 63%. However of those with no opinion, 7% shifted over to against.
  • Teachers support fell from 76% to 46%….  All from 2013 to 2014……. 

Here is how the pollsters teased out the effect of the words “common core.” Half the respondents were asked the full question, below, including the phrases in brackets. The other half were asked the question without the bracketed text.

“As you may know, in the last few years states have been deciding whether or not to use [the common core, which are] standards for reading and math that are the same across the states. In the states that have these standards, they will be used to hold public schools accountable for their performance. Do you support or oppose the use of these [the common core] standards in your state?”

Sixty-eight percent of the respondents expressed support for the idea of nameless, shared math and reading standards, but only 53 percent did so when asked about “the common core” standards.

As the study shows, most adults (53 percent) are still in favor of common standards, but that support has declined in the past year. In last year’s poll by Education Next, 65 percent were in favor.

Obviously that distinction has to be asked of every proponent who issues results of a survey to back up Common Core….  Questions phrased with…”Are you for standards” score higher than those saying are you for “holding people accountable” to Common Core. After all, who isn’t for standards? While nearly everyone is against being judged by something you have no idea over.

Teachers were more supportive of the common core in 2013 than was the general public, but now that pattern has flipped, the poll found. That is due to their experience across this past year. Expect the public to do the same when the Smarter Balanced Assessments and PARCC tests show their “white suburban kids aren’t as smart as their moms think they are”…..