“Common Core has become a misnomer, the seed of truth has been lost, it’s not a curriculum or textbook, it’s a standard each student is expected to reach to avoid remedial courses in college.  “We owe it to our children to make sure they have what they need to be successful, 84 percent of teachers support Common Core and so do I.”

His quotes… as per Delaware Newszap.

This is exactly what has foisted this horrible program upon Delaware’s children… This exact same attitude of : your children don’t matter to me;  all that matters is campaign contributions by wealthy educational corporations…

Because no, Mr. Lynn. … Children do matter.  How dare you say that children don’t matter and only political contributions in your pocket do?  Everyone knows, including you, that Common Core is not a set of standards. Common Core is a mushpot of crap foisted upon our children that was not tested, that was not reviewed, that is dangerous, that has caused increased suicides among little children, and that leads to early dementia.  Common Core takes “A+” students and makes them “F” students…

Do you even read?

Do you not know that Common Core is a Federal Program being forced on School boards and School districts the nation over?  Do you not know that when Christina School District said they thought the Federal compensation program was foolish, they lost not only that funding, but out of spite, were cut other funding as well?  If that is not Federal coercion, then you need a dictionary.   Do you not know that every single one of Delaware’s superintendents signed a letter saying “stop racing to Common Core?”  How do you now know more than every single school district in Delaware?  Do you not know that of the 45 states that are mandated to do common core this year, only 10 out of 24 who signed up, are still taking the Smarter Balanced Assessments?  Why?  Because it is bad. Very bad for children.

Do you not know that children today, are testing higher than you did, when you were in school?  Why don’t you know this. Do you not read?  Do you know there is no literature on the success of Common Core but there is over 10 thousand personal accounts over the damage it did to 10 thousand parent’s children?

Why do you not know this… It is everywhere… Google:  “Common Core is very bad” and read…

Do you not know that most highly qualified professional adults cannot pass the 3rd grade math test?  Problem is they can’t understand what the test maker is trying to say, the English is so bad?  Why don’t you know this?  Do you live in a cardboard box somewhere on the edge of town?

How can anyone in their right mind say that 81% of teachers support Common Core?  Where is your link?  Are you doing what David Coleman does, just pull numbers out of the air… Because, if you read, you would know, like everyone else in this state, that one third of the teachers say they have never seen any material on Common Core, One half of this nations teachers feel inadequately prepared for Common Core, yet they will be (thanks to Greg Lavelle), required to be evaluated on it this school year… All teachers minus one third leaves 67% All teachers minus half leaves 50%… Not 81%.. So that figure goes against common sense, as well as every teachers opinion…

How can anyone say that 81% of teachers are for Common Core?  Do you not read?  Tell me you are ignorant that Delaware Teachers (DSEA) voted no confidence in the rollout of Common Core!  Tell me you are ignorant that the NEA (National Teachers’ Association) voted no confidence in Arne Duncun and his Common Core!  Tell me you are ignorant that the AFT, (American Federation of Teachers) also voted no confidence in Arne Duncun and his Common Core?  How can you be ignorant of this?  Do you not read?  Yet you state 81% of teachers support Common Core?

How can anyone be for a program that abuses children.  New York educators ruled that Common Core was a form of child abuse… How can you not know this… Do you not read?

Anyone who does not read, is dangerous to the General Assembly… Your job there is to “read bills”  If someone can’t read the newspaper, how can we trust them to “read” bills?   Or will you perform your duties like Valerie Longhurst?  “Oh, what pretty paper that bill is printed on; I’ll vote for it, (since I don’t read)…. “

I’m amazed that someone in 2014 can still support Common Core…especially with all the evidences showing its great harm that emerged in 2013-2014 school year. Do you also believe the world was created in 6 twenty four hour days? And that the start of the universe occurred somewhere around 4000 BC?  And that the sun, moon, and stars all rotate around a flat earth?  You must.  Since you obviously don’t read…..

Mr. Lynn is bad for Dover’s 31st district… But… oh no, .. what about his opponent?……. Quote:

“Education is the new currency, and students shouldn’t be held back from their potential because their teachers have to adhere to the Common Core. We have teachers who are being rated on whether or not they can teach their student to pass a test,” Mr. Taylor said. “I understand that there should be standards, but do you honestly believe that a teacher can teach every child the same things at the same pace?”

These were spoken by his opponent… Mr. Taylor, a sportsman and retired Dover police officer….  Dover would be well served by this person… He at least…. obviously reads…