Most states are expected to administer assessments based on the common core for the first time this spring. Fewer than one-third of educators say they have ever had access to high-quality textbooks aligned with the new standards. All the materials so far, generally failed to meet the demands of the common core when rated by educational departments at major universities. The questions on the top of every teachers mind, since the Smarter Balanced Assessments are enacted this spring, (thanks solely to Greg Lavelle, a crony senator from District 4), is this: ‘Where do we get these resources, and how do we know they’re good?’ ”

Even at this very late date, in training for the preparation of test reviews, the rating system on how to tell if a question is relevant or not, is still yet to be determined… We are so behind on this… but expected to hold teachers and schools accountable… It’s like running a NASCAR race without checking whether there is water mixed in with the fuel…

The problem with Common Core is this: implementation of the curriculum, state by state, has outpaced the invention of quality first-class materials… Making a mockery of the entire Common Core process. We are rushing into teaching Common Core, demanding that it, and only it can be taught; and yet all we have in materials, is sloppy crap that was rushed into publication without undergoing any type of review… It is like we mandated all students eat healthy so they must all now eat in the cafeteria, but we didn’t build it yet, so we order out pizza and soda every day… We are undercutting our goal by trying to achieve the goal too fast…

The company doing the ratings is Edreports and like everything else, it is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ideally they will be analysing the smaller innovative companies and comparing them to the larger “buy them up” educational conglomerates… If so, that could shake up the dominate position the big boys have held for a long time…

Here are the curriculums being tested. They aren’t done yet. Please copy them and when you visit your school for visitation, find out which of these your child happens to have… Then check back on the website to see how it gets rated…

Common Core, Inc. (Developer); Wiley (Publisher)
• Eureka Math K-5
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
• Go Math
• Math Expressions
• Math in Focus K-8
• Saxon Math
Kendall Hunt
• Math Trailblazers K-5*
• Everyday Math
• My Math
Pearson Scott Foresman
• enVision Math
• Investigations in Number, Data & Space
TPS Publishing, Inc.
• Creative Core Curriculum for Mathematics with STEM, Literacy and Arts K-8
Agile Mind
• Common Core Middle School Mathematics*
Big Ideas Learning
• Big Ideas Math
Carnegie Learning
• Carnegie Math*
Common Core, Inc.
• Eureka Math 6-8
Edgenuity Inc.
• Edgenuity 6-12*
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
• Go Math
• Holt McDougal Math
• Connected Math Program
• Digits*
• Prentice Hall Math

*Primarily digital materials