A quarter of U.S. families feel they are under economic stress due to the aftershock of the Great Recession and most do not expect their wages to increase in the next year….


42 percent of respondents said they had delayed major purchases due to the Republicans creating havoc.

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18 percent saying they put off a major life decision, including buying a home or getting married, due to the crisis.

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Thirty-six percent said they now planned to retire later

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Three-fourths of households said they expected their incomes to be the same or lower over the next year.

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A third said they were “somewhat worse off or much worse off financially than they had been five years ago.

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Graphs Home Made/ Figures from Reports on Economic Well Being of American Households as reported by Reuters.

This economic demise was all brought about by unregulated derivatives. a Republican creation which was purposefully excluded from any regulation whatsoever… It was caused by making government smaller, by cutting watchdog agencies, by passing laws excluding certain shady practices from being under the scope of the law, and of course, by giving the very wealthy huge tax cuts which were spent on everything other than creating jobs here in America.

You must vote this November. You must not vote for a Republican…. These dismal graphs would all be positive now, if the bipartisan bills passed by the Senate, had simply been allowed to come to a vote in the Tea Party House…. Draw your own conclusions, but the only one smart people can come up with, is that driving the car with the emergency brake always on full, gets America nowhere….