Common Core violates Federal Law. Louisiana’s governor is suing to stop Common Core on the pretense it violates the mandate setting up the Department of Education, which was expressly set in stone upon it’s inception, that the Federal Government cannot dictate or divert control of curriculum away from local school districts…

Common Core does that. At question: is whether or not the legal maneuvers taken to obfuscate this task of Common Core, are sufficient to allow it to continue to dictate curriculum by its actions, even if shadowy institutions are created to make it reflect differently.

Are the legal maneuvers valid enough to allow flaunting of law to go forward.

That is the bottom line of the debate, and why, only the court system, can rule on it’s legality…

It is as if a cow surprised you by walking through your front door. “Moo! Hi, Sweetie…” It looks like a cow. Sounds like a cow. Drips milk from its udder onto your carpet like a cow… But it can’t be a cow, because it has a sign around it’s neck that says… “Chicken” (sorry Chik Fil A)….

Does the sign saying chicken make Common Core a non-Federally mandated intrusion completely disrupting the existing status quo over nothing?

Such things are obvious, but require a court hearing and judgment to make them officially obvious. This plank should be added to the Delaware lawsuit brought up in the post below….