In Maryland, among experts, the test was rolled out to explain how in its complexity, it would test whether a child was taught well, or not taught well at all.

The test question culled from the fourth grade test, was this…..

PARCC math item deer

Now solve it…


Did you get 936? My! You are good, you adult, you! Pat yourself on the back and go get some ice cream for your reward…

How long did it take you? Is this appropriate for 4th Graders? 4th graders? little 9 year olds? When we were in 4th grade, we were just being taught multiplication. Single digits, 1-10….

Here is what needs to be known before tackling this problem….

  • The definitions of perimeter and area
  • How to find perimeter and area
  • The definition of a square mile
  • The properties of a rectangle
  • How to solve for an unknown in a perimeter
  • Multiplication (up to multi-digit)
  • Addition and subtraction (up to multi-digit)

Did you know this in 4th Grade?  Should you know all of this in 4th Grade?  Most educators say  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!

This is very damaging for children to be put under this much pressure at such an early age.  On a stress level this is the equivalent ot seeing their parents shot in front of their eyes. It borders the shame of being raped by someone you trusted in your family.  How is a child supposed to know this…

Imagine if you as a teacher knew this problem was on the test and knew that if sufficient numbers of your students got it wrong, you would be without any way to pay your bills?

Week one… You would make sure everyone knew what Area was..

Week two… You would make sure everyone knew what a Perimeter was….

Week three… You would make sure everyone knew what a rectangle was…

Week four…. You would work on how to figure out the area of a rectangle.

Week five…. You would work on how to figure out the perimeter of a rectangle.

Week six….  You would work on how to figure what a missing piece of perimeter would be if you knew one side and the total.

Week seven.. You would work on how to figure the area

Week eight,.. You would work on how to multiply single digits.

Week nine… You would work on how to multiply double digit numbers.

Week ten….  You would work on how to solve many problems like this…..

Ten weeks… of nothing else.  Just teaching this one problem.  Gone would be time for everything else…  You can see it is impossible to do… You can see that no matter how good ones teacher is, unless parents have already taught their children all these complex measure, and unless those children are tutored continuously over every minute of their free time, they will fail….

One has to get 936 as the answer… or one fails…   This test is college level. It is similarly complex to a physic’s problem…. Why is it being given to 4th grade?

Your child will be irreparably damaged if they take the Smarter Balanced Assessment tests… There needs to be more education among parents. This test is dangerous for your child’s mental health.  No doubt, you.. well armed with 12 years of schooling, and perhaps post secondary education, were under great stress to fill out that answer?  Weren’t you?

What if you were 9 years old.  Didn’t know multiplication. What a perimeter was. How area was determined.  …… and all because your teacher spent 10 weeks preparing for another problem… that wasn’t on this test…..


Opt out.  Opt out is your only option.  Don’t worry if it is legal… Opt out. You, are in charge of your child… Opt out. Opt out. Opt out.