When you are the parents of a bully and constantly being hauled into court over his actions, and paying dearly for his intransigence, and always trying to protect him from retaliation, as some point one would think, you might consider yourself to be the source of the problem?

It’s time to cut Israel off. At least start in that direction and let the future changes take care of themselves… Every child at one point, should become self sufficient… A spoiled brat who thinks they can act with impunity because of their parent’s clout, is a disruptive influence….

We can point to Israel and to its many enemies. We have no control over them. We should look to us. He have a responsibility and we have control over our own actions….

A simple announcement that the US will no longer supply military hardware to Israel and is re-considering the amount of aid we give… would go a long way…

Just saying.