Let us take a test. Since I write the rules, you can forgive me if I give you a cheat sheet at the end of every question… It’s not like I’m going to fire you if you get a too-low score…..

Which accurately describes the number of children in Delaware in 2012…..

A 385,402
B 205,050
C 147,984
D 07,357

What percentage of children are white in Delaware
A 77.3
B 62.8
C 52.0
D 49.1

How many children were enrolled in Delaware’s Public school system 2014?

A 195,365
B 153,761
C 133,369
D 119,695

What is the percent of children classified as poor in Delaware?

A 9.4%
B 11.9%
C 17.4%
D 21.6%

How many children (number) are considered poor in Delaware
A 44,358
B 34,875
C 22,489
D 11,358

What is Delaware’s state ranking in child poverty

A 8th
B 15th
C 26th
D 41th

What percent of Delaware’s children live in extreme poverty; at incomes below half the poverty line…..

A 5.5
B 6.6
C 7.7
D 11.1

Which child age group lives in the poorest conditions?

A 0-6 years
B 7-12 years
C 13-18 years
D 10-15 years

What percent of the age group 0-6 live below half the poverty line?

A 50%
B 33%
C 18%
D 10%

What ratio of Delaware’s African American Children live in poverty?

A 1 in 3
B 1 in 4
C 1 in 5
D 1 in 6

Ration of Delaware white children who live below the poverty line?

A 1 in 7
B 1 in 8
C 1 in 9
D 1 in 10

How many of Delaware’s children attended school while homeless in 2011-2012 school year

A 7000 or 5.2%
B 6000 or 4.5%
C 5000 or 3.7%
D 4000 or 3.0%

How many full-time minimum-wage jobs are necessary to be able to afford a fair market rent two-
bedroom apartment in Delaware and still have enough left over for food, utilities and other necessities.

A 2
B 3
C 4
D 4.5

How many of Delaware’s children are on Supplemental Food Assistance?

A 1 in 10
B 3 in 10
C 5 in 10
D 7 in 10

In 2011 what was the percent of children eligible to be insured in CHP programs that were?

A 92.8%
B 65.3%
C 45.6%
D 42.5%

What is Delaware’s ranking among states where children are insured….

A 4th
B 9th
C 17th
D 25th

How many of the 10 quality benchmarks set by the National
Institute for Early Education Research in 2012-2013. did Delaware actually meet?

A 10
B 9
C 8
D 7

The state spent how much less per student in its poorest districts than recommended to adequately support
poor students in 2007-2008.
A $5,123
B $4,861
C $3,928
D $532

What percent of Delaware’s fourth grade public school students were unable to read at grade level in 2013?

A 27%
B 35%
C 42%
D 62%

In Delaware, how many children were abused or neglected in 2012?

A 537
B 735
C 899
D 2335

What is your best guess on the percentage of children at or below poverty in Christina’s Bancroft Elementary?

A 18.7%
B 23.2%
C 49.3%
D 89.6%

How many third grade Common Core children met proficiency at Bancroft in 2013?

A 75%
B 61%
C 57%
D 26%

At Bancroft in 2014 which group of students had the highest percentage on their scores

A Students who received only Common Core training
B Students who received 1 year of Common Core training
C Students who were first trained regularly with no Common Core
D Students who received no common core training.

Which school has received a letter because it’s AYP was below target two years in a row?

A Bancroft: 89% low income; 78.6% Afro-American; 14.7% special education
B Newark Charter: 17.7% low income; 11.0% Afro-American; 5.7% special education
C Kuumba Academy: 85.2% low income; 85.2% Afro-American; 5.7% special education
D Wilmington Charter: 5.7% low income; 5.6% Afro-American; 0.6% special education

What is the biggest factor in determining a child’s score on a state test?

A his family’s income level
B his curriculum
C his teacher
D his support team

Why is the DOE writing a letter to a school failing that has 89.6% low income?

A To drive business to the new charters coming in to the Bank of America complex.
B To look tough to other schools and scare them greatly
C To make low income children feel bad about themselves
D To fail the school and transfer the property over to a friend of Jack Markell

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