And I quote:

“In the heat of a battle, the losing team has must double down with greater intensity and resistance to the unpleasant reality it faces. It’s how underdogs gain the mental advantage over imposing forces…..  

Is it?  Is that how the battle of Belleau Wood was won?  And not because we just pushed wave after wave of Marines (the 7th Army refused) into machine gun fire and only because the Germans filled our men with so many bullets that they ran out.  They’ve never planned for killing so many before and didn’t have enough on hand…

Is it?  Is that how Grant won the Civil War, and not by just throwing line after line of American boys at the enemy with no regard to causalities until the enemy lost so much it had to pull back?

It is? is that how America won the Battle of the Bulge, and not by Patton’s 100 mile march in 24 hours up from the South to slam into the German’s south flank?

Or is it more like how America attacked North Korea and continued despite warnings of the Chinese who then entered and eventually after our complete defeat,  it was settled as a draw?

Or is it more like how America invaded Cuba for the Bay of Pigs, and met with too much resistance and then abandoned its troops  to be captured and that government in Cuba is still in place today, defiant as ever of the US.  That was a loss.

Or is it more like how America slipped itself into the Vietnam, finally forcing people through the draft into soldier-hood, and bringing too few back, and btw, winning every single fucking battle the Americans fought, only to lose the war because the people we were fighting for, didn’t really want us there either?

Or is it more like Iraq, where we basically walked in, conquered, and then stayed too long because we lost control, and lost more people after the engagement than we did in the engagement, because the people we were helping, really sided with the other side who didn’t want us there.  We scooted out before the roof collapsed…

Or is it more like Afghanistan, where we fought, died, and still are not wanted by its people, so we are now leaving and the children of the enemy we once beat, are now fighting the country we created, for control….

Duh, obviously the DOE doesn’t know much about history or fighting… It thinks you can focus your magical mind, and say out loud… “we will win” and miraculously the tide changes and you do win…  No!  Battles are won or lost by exercising your advantage over the other team’s disadvantage…  (and having luck on your side).

It is obvious from this one quoted statement that the administration knows Common Core is wrong.  They are holding out for a truce, now that even the remotest glimmer of a victory is long past.  They may have squeaked by one vote on putting the Smarter Balance Assessment in place…  But one massive opt-out rebellion by the entire state’s parents, quickly puts that program to bed… Perhaps we are closer than ever to getting rid of Common Core… With a proper opt-out movement, it can be gone after only one year.

No one in their right mind believes that by giving a third grader a 5th grade test and then failing 2/3 of them, makes anyone smarter… No one believes that!  This belief only makes the Department of Education and politicians like Greg Lavelle, look even dumber.

Opt out… is every parent’s next step...  Parents, join the opt out movement….  Whereas against the DCAS  I was hesitant, since that was a good system we developed, and would have shown promise if not for Common Core coming in and ripping it apart (low scores due to Common Core) ….. but we definitely know this Smarter Balanced Assessments are bad…  We know how much damage the PARCC’s tests did to New York…   Don’t let your children be corporate guinea pigs, and lose the love of life…  Opt out…

This is this decade’s test of true parenthood….  Do we give up our children … or raise them ourselves….  Out of 133,000 students, we need over 7,000 to opt out in order to throw our governor and his gym teaching secretary under the bus…  Do research, take your child’s tests, and above all, talk to your children about how they feel about schools now, from before… An appropriate question is…. Is it really getting worse, or do you think it is getting better as years go by? 

Based on their answer, choose to opt or not opt….   His SBA score will drop by 50%…..  Will that damage him psychologically?  You as a parent, are the one who ought to know…

And it is Greg Lavelle‘s fault that you have to opt out, btw.  He stopped it cold, then flipped his vote, so it could go onward….

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