it is the job of cheerleaders to cheer even when their team is losing.  Sometimes it is pathetic especially when losing by a large margin, to continue with  the “Rah-Rah-Rah”‘s but, it is there job…  It is what they do, and they get judged on how well they continue even when defeat is overriding….

But no one puts cheerleaders on the field…

Transparent Christina has pointed out the duplicity in the DSEA’s support of the test scores. The scores are bad.  But DSEA is going “this is great. Rah-Rah-Rah Common Core….”

If the DSEA’s prime function was to support the administration in every thing they do, then I would say they were doing their job very well…

But that is not what the DSEA is supposed to do.. The DSEA is supposed to represent the will of its members which right now, voted no confidence in Common Core…  Nationally it voted for Arne Duncun to resign….

If the head of the DSEA was doing its job, instead of cheer-leading, it would have told legislators in Dover, that HB334 did not have their support, and that they would work to unseat anyone who supported it… That is their job. They are our first line of defenders taking care of our children, because they support those teachers are deal with our children….

But this leader has sold them out….  Cheering a negative loss?  Really Fredericka?

“We’re So Great, We’re So Great, We Can Beat off Rattlesnakes!” The scores went backwards because of Common Core, and you are cheering their backwards slide?

When a leader no longer serves at the behest of those who put her there, but serves the enemy she should be fighting, then, simply put, she needs replaced…  She needs the rank and file to call her out, and say finally, that Common Core is not good, it destroys children at early ages, and if not stopped right now, we are in danger of losing a whole generation to not learning at all.

So why do you let this go on?