Sometimes when old actors get up and perform, you laugh… as I did when I saw this….

Oh, my, goodness…. Too rich… add some water… or ice.

Before the cataclysmic Republican caused depression, back in 2009, he states: Delawareans earned an average $733 a week… Now, the average earns $709 dollars… AN ASTONISHING 3.8% !!!!! Astonishing? 3.8%? Really? It’s astonishing…..

I’m sure we can all tighten our belts for $24 dollars, especially if we are making $709…..

Who is this guy speaking? He is a Delaware businessman and politician… He was one of only a handful of state legislators to own and operate a family business. In 1994, his small Delaware printing company in Wilmington had only ten employees. . Since then, AGS has grown to over 50 employees and evolved into a high tech business… This person currently sits on the board of the State Chamber of Commerce……

So, Charlie Copeland, if you are seriously angry about business not paying their employees as much as they did before your party caused the recession,

Then give them a raise…..

The reason they are earning less, is because you and your association members, won’t give them a raise….. You, not Markell-Denn, are the problem? Give your employees raises and this issue goes away… Are you implying Markell-Denn should have mandated what you should pay your people? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… 🙂

Silly man… Trying to blame Markell and Denn for something of which only you have control….