Take aways.

One: morality won one… Bottom line was that it was totally immoral for the University of Delaware to contribute to the deaths of minors, geezers, and everyone else.

Two: it was a private decision. Not subject to political pressure…

Three: Dumb ideas are dumb ideas. Those who said “WTF” at the very first, did the work to pull back the apple skin and discover it was really an onion underneath deserve the credit. As the pro-TDC ad on WDEL fondly puts forth: the truth will explain everything.

Four: It exposed the difference between Jack Markell and Ruth Ann Minner when it comes to the state taking sides between the 1% and the 99%… Ruth Ann Minner’s legacy may now be seen in a different light…

Five: This was a Wall Street capital venture and nothing else. The people pushing it were used, and we have to be circumspect of everything these same: Markell, the Construction Industry, and Construction unions say now… It is not to the point of pulling support for the prevailing wage yet.. stress yet, but support for doing so has now mushroomed over the past 2 months, because of this… It will take everything they got, to fight it next year… and they may lose.

Six: “More Jobs” are not a good enough reason to do destructive things…. We are better than that. Finding the right thing first, then putting people to work, is the better idea.

Seven: This administration believes in sneaking things past the public….. The list is long: Privatizing Wilmington’s Port, Charter School Enhancements, Common Core, Smarter Balanced Assessments, rail cars in Delaware, Cash Management Board, Gutting the Coastal Zone Act, support developers over neighboring citizens,… and the TDC.
THe first proposal is never what is really going to happen.

Eight: Citizens do make a difference… A good nation (state, community, whatever,) is dependent on activism.

Nine: We all need to be part of the Star Campus Project going forward…. We need consensus, Not SURPRISE! IT’S DONE! CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT NOW!!!