Today the US is the strongest economy in the world. 6 months of over 200,000 hiring, lowest unemployment since 2008. So why are other nations not bouncing back?

Several reasons all show we had the right party in the White House at the right time. The opposite party proposed all the exact opposite policies of what actually worked….

Here is what is credited for our bounce back economy….

An Aggressive Central Bank. The Federal Reserve acted sooner and more aggressively than other central banks in keeping rates low,

Stronger Banks. The United States moved faster than Europe to restore its banks’ health after the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

A More Flexible Economy. Some economies have restraints placed on wages, unemployment, retirement, and favoring certain businesses over new innovators.

Less Budget Cutting Weighed down by debt, many European countries took an ax to swelling budget deficits. They slashed pension benefits, raised taxes and cut civil servants’ wages. The cuts devastated several European economies…

A Roaring Stock Market The Fed’s easy-money policies ignited a world-beating U.S. stock market rally. Higher stock prices would then make Americans feel more confident and more willing to spend — the so-called wealth effect.

Raising Taxes On Top Incomes: The Stock Market began it unparalleled climb, beginning the second week after the tax rates rose in January 2013 upon Obama’s inauguration, and has never since looked back….

The opposing party at each venture, argued for taking every exact opposite approach…. policies similar to that which Europe, Japan, and China followed. We would still be luckluster like those nations now had we a Republican running things instead of President Obama…..

It is important for these same policies to continue; so important that for this 2014 election, we need to do what we can to make sure these same successful policies can move ahead faster… Our nation’s economy would gear up a faster, if we just take off the parking brake… which by now does not even need to be called by name. We all know who they are…….