I came from BBQ-ing for a second and found this in my email … Darn I said… This is relevant and can’t wait. I have to post this. “Just a minute” I yelled outside… “I’ll be right out….”

Hello America:

As long as you are you.
As long as I am me.
This nation will do alright,
You just wait and see.

We are a gathering of warriors
Who’ll defend what we believe.
We think each cause we have is just,
We wear honor on our sleeves.

We hold these countless truths to be
Self evident for all to see.
We scurry, protest, and protect with all
Our philosophy; sometimes sweetness, sometimes gall.

Like athletic heroes on playing fields
We do our best to win each game, and yes,
Sometimes we forget the clock’s ran out,
And afterwards grudges still burn the same.

Yet, truth is that we are both the same,
Most cut from common stalk.
Our ancestors abandoned all they knew,
Because here boundaries, could be erased like chalk.

Our progeny came here for most the same reasons.
Opportunity was open and ones class did not define
That one’s lifelong status be set in stone
Because here, once started, one could climb.

Now generations later, as proof of their good sense,
We are testament that opportunity to all
Can succeed where there is strong law,
If we ultimately decide, on how it gets applied.

And it works, or has worked to date so far,
Some can be quite happy with things staying as they are.
Others insist and must have these same things changed,
To fulfill their purchase on America’s dream exchange.

But that constant tension is what keeps us safe,
Keeps one side from tipping our boat too far.
For as churning waters creep up one side
Defectors shift, till even balance is restored…

Till time’s end our politics are doomed to be a mess,
Yet also our saving grace; when conflict put us to the test,
That each will in turn each to fight for each’s best
Makes, when the count is settled, our children win out with the best..

We know that we are different.
Sometimes what we say is tripe.
But when you throw us all together,
The recipe comes up ripe….

For as long as you are you
And as long as I am me,
This nation will survive just fine..
You wait and just see……