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i was just going over the headlines and noticed how silly Republicans were today after the Mississippi Tea Party got beaten by a normal Republican….

They are nothing short of crazy… Which you know… They shut down the government last October over Obamacare, which is working great, btw…. They got nothing for it. That’s crazy… But their shrill antics today, make it seem as if they know they’ve already lost, and so they, as anyone before the execution squad, says anything they can think of, and much of it, just on the small possibility it might “give them a reprieve”….

The problem is the rest of us have to deal with it…   Do we like it when children scream in a restaurant?  I know no one who does. All say when is the manager going to kick them out?   “Oh,” the manger says, “we can’t upset a customer”….  Ok, so you are upsetting 99 of rest of them then….

A lot of people look at today’s antics and shrug and say, you know it’s just noise, it’s really not hurting anything…. Then they complain about how little they are making, about how much their bills have soared, about how they have no idea right now of how they will retire…..

Duh. That all changes if you get rid of Republicans… You have too little money because Republican legislation set it up that way and those problems won’t go away unless each of you vote them away…..  These  are why you are suffering so…  Why do you not, get it?