If you have money, you can buy an ad…  There is nothing wrong with that.  And, you can say whatever you want on any issue ad, even if it is not true…. There may be something morally wrong with that, but it is certainly not illegal…  It is protected under free speech….

So if I were to try to get a view across that benefits me, I would buy an ad that lies and says my way is a great way, and possibly demean others who had different views….

This ad begins by saying they will refute the lies told by people living in Newark, those neighbors of the new power plant who don’t want a one spewing carcinogens over top of their properties…

A clock starts and game show music begins to play….

Lie one…  Power plants can safely be built in residential areas….

They cite Princeton New Jersey as having a power plant within its city…. As you can see, it is a 14.6 MW facility…   Delaware will put in a 248 MW facility…   What is the difference?  I’ll show you.  Imagine each X below represents 100 people getting cancer from carcinogens these plants put out through their smokestacks…….

Princeton New Jersey     X

Newark Delaware             XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

You tell me…. are they the same?  (Being all male, the perpetrators of the TDC probably  think size doesn’t matter.  Every female knows differently.)

Lie two…. This efficient gas driven turbine power plant is safe because compared to coal, it has less pollution….. 

The latter part is true.  Gas does have fewer emissions than coal…. But the argument glosses over one very important factor which is visible by keeping he argument as is, but simply changing the topic…. As in:  it’s ok for your daughter to sleep around with 4 different guys each week because prostitutes sleep with 28 guys or more every week…

What the hell kinda parent are you?

We are not talking about putting coal into Newark… We are talking about putting a gigantic gas fired turbine into Newark (see X’s above) … Coal is not even part of the equation… It is a distraction… What is at stake, is this:…. having nothing polluting our air RIGHT NOW…. versus to having a gigantic gas turbine spewing carcinogens 24/7 at full capacity for the next 75 years….

And if you remember…the EPA report showed that more people get cancer from gas turbines than coal fired ones… Really?  Yes, really.  Simply because gas turbines are located in high density areas, and no one…. lives right next to a coal fired power plant… Just like more trees fall on houses in cities, than they do in the middle of forests…..

No big deal?  I would think not.

Lie Number 3….  The Sound is no louder than that of traffic..

They play two clips….  That is actually true.  Listen to those clips and think of that sound continuous 24/7…. while you are sitting in your pool.  while you are entertaining guests, while you are catching a few zzzzz’s. or at 3:30 in the am when you can’t sleep……  I mean when chirping birds can wake you out of a deep slumber at 4:30 am, what do you think I-95 running down your street will sound like?  I mean, have you ever stood on an overpass across a major highway?  You have to shout to be heard…..

And this they say… is not a problem….

That is because they are some ad agency being paid a lot of money to try to influence people and have no incentive to tell the truth. They get paid more if the data center goes in…. and get little or nothing if it does not…  They have a vested interest in making you think what they want… Not what is best for you….

The announcer then says time (60 secs.) is up and steers you to their website so they can track you and continue to send you more misinformation…..  As with all ads, it is not what they say that is most of the problem… it is what they don’t say….

Their report on the level of carcinogens which they are required by law to do… shows that many carcinogens will rain down on Newark… if this plant goes through…  Far, far, far more than are falling on Newark now…..

In Washington State, there is a chart showing cancer frequency rates among its towns… One town is off the charts… It has a similar sized gas turbine near its residential area….

75 years is an awfully long time……  Any other business other than a power plant, would give all the benefits… with none of the problems….   And the power plant could then be built in some rural area, with none of the problems this one will give here.

It is all about precision.  When they say this power plant is good, they don’t say this power plant is good here… When other say this power plant is bad, they aren’t saying all power plants like this are bad….

It is just that campus of the University of Delaware, 200 yds from families’ houses in the town of Newark, is not the best place in the world to build a 248 MW gas fired CHP power plant…. 

That will never change, no matter how many ads get run on WDEL…….