70 Years Ago Today, This Hour

It takes war to prevent war I’m afraid. We are losing those who remember what war is really like, and replacing them with those who fantasize what they think war is like… The latter are far more likely to send troops into battle….

At 70 years, there is no one left to tell us… to say: “no! Find a another way to solve your differences; you really don’t want to do this…..”

We are losing the real memories of war. and replacing them with people so shallow as to harp about prisoner swaps…. It is inevitable. It is sad. The cost of all out war is so high, it is never the best option….

When we fantasize about war, we always see ourselves as the hero, coming out on top, winning the day, lauded for our bravery. We never see ourselves as dead. For a lot of people, that is exactly what war is.

Always remember.