Have you ever been on top of the Empire State Building?  They say you can see for 20 miles in each direction.  At a radius of 20 miles that means your total view from that center would be roughly 1256 square miles….  You probably are looking at 5 million people….

Imagine all those people without insurance. unable to go get care.. unable to go to an emergency room, unable to get medical care and dying from colds, coughs, infections that could cheaply and easily be fixed, but aren’t.

The reason is some Republican states have denied them insurance.  Insurance they would be entitled to if, and it is a big if, if they had lived in a Democratic state with Democratic legislatures and Democratic governors…. They would be well. They would be covered…

But they aren’t … They aren’t for one reason.  To spite the black man who ran the Affordable Health Care through Congress and signed it into law… 

It is not expensive.  The Affordable Health Care saves money.  Money that could be used to build bridges. build roads, augment schools… There is so much good that money could do…  but it isn’t coming into those Republican states….  and their citizens are not being covered to spite the black man…. (It is mostly the South, and Midwest, where Blacks are an extreme minority)…. 

So call Rick Jensen today at WDEL.  He needs some company up there alone on his soapbox harranguing the outrage, outrage that 30 veterans died because they couldn’t get healthcare.  Ask him why he doesn’t care about 5 million denied healthcare by his friends the Republicans? 

(Liz, are you ok? Haven’t heard you for a while)….

Seriously … if the Veteran’s debacle is a real tragedy, the fact that we have Republicans in positions of power in our state legislatures must be 166,000 times more of a tragedy…..

So… call in… Say… Why aren’t you talking about the real tragedy…. 5 million people without Health Insurance, denied to them by Republicans and Republicans alone?

Are you two- faced?  or what…

Yeah…. the number is 302- 478- 9335   or 478- WDEL  in case you forget the number….  Greg will answer and you will say you want to speak to Rick about the Veterans scandal, and ask you question….

It would be fun, if all of you could do so?  Don’t take up too much time. Let others call in too…..