Hello Carper’s Office?

Uh, yes, could you give Tom Carper my take on the Keystone Pipeline vote?

I’m Against…

Yes, here is my name.

My address….

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Sorry, I don’t give out my phone. This is 2014.  I never answer it anyways.

Thank you… Goodbye…


Folks it is that easy and if you don’t do it. at some point in the future, you will wish you had… Did you know that the carbon first crossed 400 ppm last June for the first time EVER (well in 300 million years)?  And that this April, ending just last week, the average, the average for the whole entire month, was above that 400 ppm milestone first reached last summer?


There is no way we need more convenient carbon dioxide pumped into our atmosphere….  It is scary, really.  We don’t know what could happen.  We do know that something really weird happened on Mars… It got warm and lost its atmosphere. So the options of what might happen here, are relatively wide open…..