In an overwhelming vote of no confidence aimed directly at the leadership of UD President Harker, the entire faculty Senate (minus 8 abstentions due to diarrhea), voted against the killing of all babies under 2 years of age residing in Newark…(due to lung cancer in their future)

It is nice to be able to believe in the University of Delaware again, even if not the president….( though it was getting hard there with all the dead end policies that Harker has led this school down the last several years….. ruining the atmosphere for alumni at Delaware sports events, eradicating the track team, and now, putting a toxic smokestack in the heart of Downtown Newark.)

Let that vote sink in….

43 to………… NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody. I mean nobody, wants this power plant that Governor Markell, and the Delaware Chamber of Commerce is trying to ram down Newark’s throat…

43 to…………….NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!