In a very sad, sad state of American affairs, a German exchange student, one well known in the exchange community, was murdered in cold blood in a person’s garage in Montana.

Allegedly he was trying to burglarize the premise.

However talk among his pen pals was that he had repeatedly been bullied by this person. And most likely, he was accosted at gunpoint, either driven or walked to the garage, asked to perform some type of insidious act, and then shot point blank because of fear that he would tell and everyone would then know the shooter was gay, and he obviously could not have that….. not in Montana.

Fortunately this was Montana and not some stupid redneck royal Republican locality like Florida…..

This person was arrested….. and will most likely have his secret urges fulfilled in prison.

But it is just sad, as is the death of any child. Someone so full of life and hope, and given the greatest opportunity to come to America, the land of opportunity….