As Crimea votes, hindsight has given us a clue to opportunities lost with Ukraine.

We should have already air dropped 30,000 troops into Ukraine near the Crimean border.  Their duty would not be to change any of the outcome resulting from Crimea returning to Russia.  Their responsibility would be to protect the rest of Ukraine from subsequent invasion by Russia, and send a signal that we are seriously invested in solving this crises peacefully… We put skin in the game.

We tend to think the Russians are not smart.  That belief is our own ignorance dictating to us what we want to hear.  Actually Russians are an amazing group of people, very similar in mental prowess to us here in the US.   They understand pragmatics when someone calls their bluff.

It is important here that our actions demonstrate and back up what we are saying.  Our words are no longer believed, and it is with good reason… If one thing the scandals of the US have shown lately, it is that our nation’s government is isolated from its moral authority, and lives in a bubble that truly exists within the confines of the Washington DC Beltway. The particularly tragic fallout from the NSA spying operation is that anything we as a government now have to say to the world community, cannot be believed anymore…

Also a very serious opportunity exists here for the Chinese to absorb some of the world policeman’s cost, and we should take every advantage of their weakness at home, to entice them to bolster their support at home by joining us as a peace keeper in the Ukraine, and positioning themselves with us along the northwest side of the Dnieper River

If Russia wants to crush our troops, it will with catastrophic cost.  As for worries over flash-points,  one must remember that  Europe survived 50 years with no war, even though both sides trained 24/7 to initiate hostilities at a second’s notice.  There is little reason to believe the Russians desire to commit suicide and fight a ground war on two fronts each on a different continent…

When you play a game of basketball, you don’t say… “you’d better not try that layup, because if you do, I’m going to shoot a 3 pointer.”  No. You shoot the 3 pointer and that does your talking for you….

The world is looking at the US and wondering to themselves what are we going to do?  Just let Russia take over?

We only have two choices.  The best one is immediate containment.  Think how would history have been different if we’d airlifted 30,000 of our troops into Kuwait as Saddam began to line his tanks along the border?

This, I’m afraid, is our Berlin moment, which back then due to our gutsy move, signaled the end of Russia’s aggressive posturing in Europe…  The alternative, is Munich; because once you give into force, it is only a matter of time after a truce on false promises, till force gets tried again….

Hopefully others looked at this and we’ve already begun… I apologize for it not hitting me sooner.