Congress is made up of old men.  The medium age of the Senate is 62 2/3 years.  The average age is 61.7

There is a lot they don’t understand.  Economics for one.  Half of our Senate was born before the Korean War.  They were working adults before Martin Luther King was shot.  One fourth of our Senate was born before or during WWII… They first went to work under Eisenhower… One tenth of our Senate was born … during the Great Depression.  They first went to work during the Korean War….

They’ve heard propaganda from Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Stalin, Khrushchev, Mao, Brezhnev, and Reagan.  They know how it works, and what and what not to do.

Currently many are announcing the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) said Obama care will result in 2.3 million lost jobs.  Perhaps you saw some headlines, or more likely it was on your Facebook or buried in your spam email who’s owner never took you off their list, maybe you asked, maybe you didn’t.

That is a lie.  Yet for those who don’t like Obamacare because the first word is Obama, that is all they hear.

The Congressional Budget Office was clear to dispute that claim….

We didn’t say that they said.  All we said was that we estimate that 2.3 million of those currently working bum jobs only for the benefit of the companies’ insurance coverage, will now be free to escape.  They don’t have to work at a bum job just for the insurance benefits anymore… They can buy their own.

Isn’t that a good thing?   Now people can afford health care because it is affordable, so they can stay home and create their own businesses, instead of wasting their talents doing menial activities?   46% of those in minimum wage jobs have college experience.

So what the ACA now does, is allow some of these people to escape the confines of minimum wage, being there solely for the insurance benefit, and now open those jobs for young people… A group of people who’s unemployment rate is over 26%….

  • So we put our young to work.
  • We allow older people stuck for so long, to finally follow their dreams.
  • And the same jobs that were there before, are now still there with happier workers filling in their slots…..

Great, huh?  What a great country is this America.  But today, both Boehner and Blunt both cited the meme that Obamacare would cost 2.3 million jobs; you may have also heard others…….  No, that is not the case at all.  The medical employment field has actually grown in January because Obamacare became official on the 1st….

When will America realize that until we remove the liars… our Congress will continue to only deal with insults, just to keep it from having to ever put out real results.

That is happening now. America is focusing on what is real and factual, and ignoring all that these people say to get camera time….  We’ve only had one month of Obamacare.  But to anyone following, this thing Obamacare is at least as good as was Medicare or Social Security… despite the problems all those government programs generically have….