Sitting in traffic this afternoon on 95, I remembered upon being reminded on the radio, that today was Martin Luther King Day…..

I decided not to write anything this year, because it was old hat.  What I mean is that it is one thing to say:  “oh, it’s Martin Luther King Day”, and go on with ones life.  After all, I’ve done everything in the past to celebrate… Gone out for community service, written glowing dissertations, posted pictures from way back when each time the holiday passes, printed the I Have A Dream Speech, with parts highlighted that had particular relevance that year….  I’ve done all those things, and there is nothing left in me.

Sometimes doing nothing at all, shows more honor than making a half-hearted faint attempt, that after tried, appears so pathetic it takes away; whereas doing nothing would at least leave it a neutral….

So that was my plan… Nothing…. Cause I didn’t feel it…

I wasn’t going to read any one’s tribute either…. What’s the point?

For some reason I clicked onto this one at Kos… Perhaps it was the title that grabbed me…“Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did

It’s probably going to say he made a speech, or he marched, or he wrote from jail… I wonder if it is the ramblings of a school child’s essay or that of an old fart who lived back then….

Turns out it was an old fart and his writing brought alive characters I hadn’t seen since childhood…. I actually remember people like that.  The reason I would recommend that you read it, is because it brought MLK Day back to life for me. It might do the same for you… I’m sure by now you’ve seen MLK’s picture at least 7 times today if not more.  Sometimes overkill is the fastest path to the dustbin.

This article begins with the premise that most of us would say:  Martin Luther King made a speech. He marched… He sat in jail and wrote. And that is why we honor him.

That is so shallow and misses the entire vein.

Martin Luther King ended terrorism in the South and the rest of the nation; that fear that came from being black.. Malcolm X didn’t do that. Jesse Jackson didn’t do that. Michael Jackson didn’t do that. Samuel Jackson didn’t do that.

Martin Luther King did. He got rid of the fear in being black. He did it by making the Blacks address whatever they feared the most.  Go register,  Go march.  Don’t be afraid. We’ll do it together! And when the beatings came,  and the dogs, and the fire hoses, Blacks found they weren’t that bad after all.  Certainly not bad enough to stay cowering in fear the remainder of their lives… When the jailers heard the blacks they’d just had worked over, singing Freedom Songs in their cells, they knew the sham perpetuated upon the Blacks for decades, was now over…

That is the real Martin Luther King legacy. Face your biggest fear. Walk at it. Meet it head on, go through it, and then keep going and don’t look back….

It is something we desperately need to remember today… It certainly seems time to apply his same lesson to the middle class…. and realize, our worst fears, that of being terminated from our jobs, won’t really happen and even if they do, they aren’t really that bad…

As long as we all stick together….

You want to fire Mr. So-and-So?  We all quit.  All of 132 of us!  And we are setting up pickets in front of your building.  Hell with not being a Union.  We quit anyway;  run your store without us.

As long as we all stick together, the worst they can do, really isn’t that bad now, is it?