In a recent piece I did on Biden, as I read over his biography I was reminded of his plagiarism incident in 1988. He dropped out of running for the presidency because he forgot to attribute an Irish speaker before quoting him on one of his hundreds of stops that day…   The “uproar” caused him to drop out of the race.

He dropped out for that little thing?

Today we have Ron Paul plagiarizing every line said this past legislative session. As if to reward that, he is now considered a top contender for the Republican presidential nomination.  Today we have Fox News blatantly lie through careful edits, and no one cares.  We have CBS create a fake story about Benghazi, and no one cares….  We are fed daily lies in the House of Representatives; no one calls them out anymore… Our own News Journal publishes gross misstatements by our Secretary of  Education, and only bloggers call them out.

But Biden was ridiculed and totally forced out of the race for forgetting one time to mention Kinnock before he borrowed a line from him…

The big difference is the uproar…  It started deteriorating after 1994.

I remember Newt Gingrich throwing irrational after irrational accusations out against Clinton.  I asked an old politico what he was doing… ” Sounds like he is just throwing mud to see what will stick.”

It hasn’t stopped sense.  Ridiculous claims get emailed to the press. The press puts them up, and others talk about how ridiculous such accusations are.  Then someone finds a similarity to something that may have really happened and suddenly a scandal is born.  The crime is solely in the similarity, not the actual action… Next the press is talking about how much damage these items will cause the person being accused.  The person himself gets asked, and we all will then judge his guilt by his demeanor in giving back his rebuttal… If his eyes shift, we discuss his guilt.  If he misses a point, we discuss how he missed his point….and whether or not both show weakness in their leadership…

Yet it was all over something absolutely ridiculous originally said by someone making things up out of thin air and throwing mud…

Today, when I hear news from any of the main media, my first response is not to believe it…. “yeah, right I say”.

Isn’t that terrible?  I’m just like those Soviets reading the Pravda.  The assumption being made by me is that the story is reported only after being edited by the propaganda officer of the news corporation.  No matter whether that media is grounded from the right or left, if it comes from any commercial media, it can’t be believed.  I’m not sure how your mind works today but to borrow from computer technology, I tend to put all main media stories into a nebulous cloud, a purgatory of thought so to speak.  As more nuggets get offered, I let them settle them into either columns of pros or cons supporting or denying the original nugget, and then have to use my guessing powers to determined which story of the pro or con is the more truthful….

It’s a lot of work.

The point is, our society has moved past telling the truth....

Truth is not what is important anymore.. Making you believe what they want, is the sole purpose of messaging…  It is not about telling you that such and such happened… Absolutely almost all of our messaging system is set up to tell us that such and such a thing happened … because of this reason….

Hate Liberals! Because this thing happened.

Hate Conservatives! Because this thing happened.

Hate Communists and Socialists!  Because this thing happened.

Hate Corporate America!  Because this thing happened….

And the erosion of telling truth is huge….  Our courts for the most part have determined political discourse does not have to be factual, certainly not the ads.  A new industry has developed to test the truth of political statements, because the press fell down on the job.  Our courts have determined for the most part, that lying shall not to be punished.   Whenever our government speaks today, it is not believed.

“We have nor will ever have any means or desire to collect American’s metadata and store it so we can go back and look through it” said May 2013 by the head of the NSA;  Snowden released the truth just over a month later.

Truth no longer relates to the science of what happens;  truth has become the art of stretching belief up to the edge of the envelope without going too far.

Our real lives are always fret with uncertainty, of intrigue, of mistrust.  Which is why it was reassuring to have laws on the books regarding the truth being told by our media.  We could trust it as being true to the best of their knowledge, because they would be incarcerated if it were not so….

It freed our minds considerably.

So in a proper frame of mind, in a world of truth,  Obamacare would be framed as thus:

Obama had a mandate through the electoral process to improve the health insurance system for everyday citizens, but Republicans sought to represent the Large Insurance Companies  all who would make less profit if they had to fairly pay out claims… Every little fight was then laid out in that context.

What is sad, is that our children as were those children once of Communist China, Soviet Russia, East Germany, Albania, and Bulgaria, are growing skeptical of all official pronouncements.

Slogans saying “capitalism is corrupt” ring hollow when you have to stand in line for a daily loaf of bread, and you see Americans shopping in supermarkets lined with products. Our news media is now in the same boat.

When was the last time you saw a major media state we seriously need to raise taxes on the top one percent if we are ever going to have a strong America again?


When you do, stick close to that source.  They are close to telling the truth….