The Guardian has just published the proof that the two ALEC chairs in neighboring Pennsylvania, right next door to us and sharing the same Quaker founder William Penn,  were required to swear an oath of allegiance to ALEC putting serving them, up and above serving the constituents of their state….

Senator Richard Alloway (R-33, Adams, Franklin, York) and Representative Brian Ellis (R-11, Butler), as Pennsylvania state chairs for the American Legislative Exchange Council, were asked to pledge, “I will act with loyalty and put the interests of the organization first.”

First of all, anyone who takes a pledge is subhuman.  Who does that anymore?

Second… we now have two chairs in Delaware, who with a 99% per cent chance of certainty… had to do the same…..

House of Representatives
Rep. Deborah Hudson (R-12)
Rep. Daniel Short (R-39), former State Chairman
Sen. Patricia Blevins (D-7); currently majority leader.
Sen. Margaret R. Henry (D-2) currently majority whip.Pat

Did these also have to put their had on a Bible and swear….

I, Deborah Hudson, Daniel Short, Patty Blevins, and Margaret Henry, do hereby solemnly swear, “I will act with loyalty and put the interests of this organization ALEC first, over all other considerations including those voters in my district.”

According to the Guardian, yes, they probably did…..

Since this story was pressed… The ALEC list has been scrubbed and neither Delaware or Pennsylvania have any members… lol.

ALEC’s response to the Guardian is here.