A. White pick-up trucks roaming Newark Neighborhoods with confirmed out-of-staters putting up two door hangers:  One for the power plant; one for Polly.

B.  Candidates being mailed directions to vote in all the “wrong” polling places… sent courtesy of Polly’s campaign. (Correct polling places can be found here….)

C.  Polly is officially listed as undecided on the power plant, but her campaign workers flatly tell constituents that she is the only one who supports it so they had better vote for her….

D.  Polly tells News Journal that she has no connection to “The I Like Polly Plan” being distributed to Newark Homes….

E.  Polly Sierer told  News Journal she doesn’t know who is behind the group’s website or its publications, which were “done without my knowledge, approval or involvement.”

F.  The website and mailers feature photos of a smiling Sierer with former Newark Mayor Vance A. Funk III (Funk has endorsed Sierer).

G.  ” I Like Polly’s Plan” has filed no campaign-finance reports as is required by Bob Gilligan’s HB300 signed last year by Governor Markell.

H.  Despite her ardent denials,  Polly Sierer appears to know Mike Mullen whose address, 704 Cambridge Drive, who is the contact person  is listed on the mailer.

I.   The above Mike Mullen also has donated to Polly’s campaign AND  was listed as a host for her fundraiser

J.  Perhaps illegally, Mike Mullen IS not listed on any of Polly’s Filed Campaign reports..

K. Despite Polly’s public denials, the twin pieces of literature are from the same print shop (in Ohio) and printed at the same time.    (Check finance reports,  for two separate checks or one, to see if a lie is being told to all Newark voters.)…

Nancy has all the evidence in twenty seven eight-by-ten color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each  one is to be used as evidence..

Well done, Nancy…

Polly got her cracker.  Now did she hire anyone to sweep up the crumbs?