One of the nice things about this past-time is that one sees trends flow across one’s desk….

Right now, look at what is happening.

  • Gigantic Power Plant Being Rammed Through Newark.
  • Gigantic Scheme to Funnel Billions of Educational Dollars to Private Firms Through Common Core.
  • Gigantic Scheme to Cut Government Spending Despite It’s Known Benefit to the Economy
  • Gigantic Scheme to Funnel Money Out of Social Security Into Privately Managed Accounts.
  • Gigantic Scheme to Funnel Your Money from Medicare Into Private High Cost Health Care.
  • Gigantic Scheme to Prevent the Breakup of Gigantic Medical Conglomerates by Obamacare.

Common thread?  There is too much money, and it can now do gigantic things….

Like putting out a gas fire, the first thing is to shut off the gas…  Control the money.

We first broke monopolies .  When they grew back, we instilled Income tax.  When that was rescinded, it eventually created the Great Depression so afterwards, we then put them back in. While in place we had outstanding economic growth from 1930- 2001.  That has never happened in any economy before income taxes were invented.

We rescinded taxes again, and got 2008… We puttered until 2013, when taxes were added to the top half of the top one percent.  Just that has driven growth alone.  More would be better.

It is obvious that raising taxes on the top one percent forces reinvestment back into the economy of this country that does not happen by their altruistic, philanthropic  tendencies alone….

If none of these entities had so much money to burn, smaller amounts of money would now be burning in each of these cases attacking the very foundations of American economic stability and health….

Taxes are good.  More taxes are better than less taxes…  Taxes don’t take money; they allow for better choices to reinvest that money, and all become richer in the process, not just those already rich beyond all means of being able to spend it……

So again, tell me why Newark should have to breath uranium residue just so they can get richer?

So please continue to fight these little battles.  Just realize where the reinforcements are coming from, that every fiscal year they are spawned anew,  and acknowledge they’ve been beaten before, and can be again.  Particularly when the odds are 99 to 1 in OUR favor…..