Items needed.

2012 Tax Form 990 (filed)
October 15 Quarterly Report To Federal Election Commission
January 31 Year-End Report To Federal Election Commission.

Now compare….

If you do the above on Grover Norquist’s group for Americans For Tax Reform, or ATR…. you will find that Grover’s group reported ATR reported spending $15,794,582 on political ads to the FEC… but told the IRS it spent only $9,791,515 on its 2012 campaign activity, a disparity of $6,003,067…..

ATR spent a total of almost $30.9 million in 2012, meaning more than half of the spending it reported to the FEC for the year was on politics, a clear violation of its tax-exempt status.

Companies in violation, must pay taxes on their income. It’s the law.

Now find your own company to bust… I’m sure you have one, or two, or three….