In the Reagan era it was different.  Big Business was the ticket up.  Not so in the 60’s when Big Business was what got us into Vietnam, messed up Iran, made us embargo Cuba, and then proceed with a lottery which based on birthdays, picked who would go across the Pacific and die….

But under Reagan, Big Business was the panacea against the liberalism the 70’s caused…  The terrorists, the welfare scum, the petty criminals, the horrible 70’s TV series….

The tide is changed.

Big Business candidate Mitt Romney drummed down in a humiliating electoral landslide.  Occupy Wall Street rallying America against the 1%.  Business interests being stymied across the United States…

America hates Big Business.

The Business Roundtable announced last month that its #1 priority is the full adoption and implementation of the Common Core standards. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is likewise making a full-court press to advance the Common Core. Major corporations have taken out full-page ads to insist that the Common Core must be adopted. Many leading figures in the Republican party, like Jeb Bush, have led the charge for Common Core, as have entrepreneurs like Joel Klein. And the project has become a centerpiece for President Obama’s Department of Education.,,,

America hates Big Business….

Now look at the reality….

Yet in New York, the first large state to implement the tests associated with the new standards, students, parents and principals are expressing grave concerns about the realities of the Common Core. Common Core proponents like Arne Duncan have been quick to ridicule critics as misinformed ideologues or delusional paranoiacs. Defenders of the common standards, like Duncan and Commissioner John King in New York, insist that only members of the Tea Party oppose the Common Core. In spite of this, the opposition is growing, and as more states begin to follow New York’s lead, resistance is sure to grow.

America hates Big Business.

And now we have the NSA tapping all phone calls, and storing every single thing we write, speak, or send in a photo.  Not to protect us from terrorists.  But to sell, to Big Business.

America hates Big Business.

Delaware just threw the head of their Chamber of Commerce out of the state. She was promoting “Big Business” and insisted on smashing every opponent in the mouth with her fist. (figuratively)

Delaware hates Big Business…

In Delaware, despite low employment, Newark residents are up in arms over having a GIGANTIC SPEWING POWER PLANT just 200 feet from their back fences.   It doesn’t help that they were lied to.  “oh, it will be like one of those little things on top of an IKEA store, you know, an auxiliary power plant…”

Newark hates Big Business.

In lower New Castle County, there was huge opposition against the refinery, which the Big Business administration of Jack Markell and Alan Levin had allowed to bypass the Coastal Protection Act….

New Castle County hates Big Business….

Big Business was  back in the eighties allowed back to make its contribution to society.  It had previously been barred because it refused to comply to game rules…  Once comfortable and settled in, it has returned to its old habits….

America hates Big Business…..  and all those politicians kowtowing to them for a few crumbs…..