The application for the new 248 MW powerplant in Newark’s back yard is on hold because the Power Plant application could not obtain the required proof of zoning that must be in place before the process goes further.

The area was not rezoned because documents FOIA’d showed that all previous discussion were misleading.  The power plant was to be allowed if it was secondary to the use of the data center.

The documents showed that out of the 248 MW’s of power, 1 MW would be used to power the data center, 50 MW’s could be used to power the entire town of Newark, and the remainder 197 MW’s would be sold on the grid for as high as price as could be managed….

Primarily because of the lies from Alan Levin as well as Jack Markell and the lawyer’s whose firm is representing the power plant investors, and the fact that this was in violation of the zoning restrictions on the property, the proof of rezoning was denied.

It had previously been promised.

Here is the primary point.

If FOIA was not in existence, we would never have known this.  Amy Roe who is running for Newark mayor is responsible for getting this information to the proper people just before the deadline.

This is exactly why in a people’s republic, the people must have full access to all documentation…..

For now.  The Power Plant is Dead.