Forcing ID’s on people to vote is simply wrong.  Every normal American thinks so.  Turning away voters who have no ID but are registered, only has one purpose.  To misrepresent the vote.

One man in Texas was denied the chance to vote (updated: almost denied)… He was 90 years old and didn’t, and couldn’t while living in a nursing home, get the proper paperwork to get an ID under the new Texas law that was immediately passed after the Supreme Court decision on Affirmative Action.

Problem was this 90 year old man’s driver’s license had expired.. He doesn’t drive anymore except up and down the nursing hall hallways. His second photo ID was a Texas University faculty card, but that is not a legal form of identification in Texas…  He doesn’t need a current faculty card to teach his elders in the nursing home.

The crises was solved with his $65 dollar payment to the Texas Department of Vital Statistics and the $35 dollar next day air shipped FED EX package and he now, with a certified copy of his birth, will be able to vote today….

But it caused him to ponder…. worried that others of his age may find the obstacles and inconvenience encountered so off-putting that they just don’t vote.

“Sorry, kids, you’ll have to only eat at school this week.  Mommy had to spend $100 to get her right to vote…”

There has never since the Jim Crow laws been a more blatant attempt to rig American elections….

Even if one knows the person, even if that person is obviously the person they purport to be… if there is not current valid ID for that person, they are discouraged from voting….

And everyone knew this man… He was the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives… , Jim Wright….  He had the position John Boehner has now…  They wouldn’t let him vote…

In war, when a village is harboring terrorists who can come out at will and shoot at you… you burn down the village.  Any Republican I’m afraid, by their allowing the Tea Party to live under their roof, is tainted.  America can not grow beyond its current stagnation until every Republican is ousted out of being able to make any of the decisions so necessary to the daily functioning of our lives…..