America survived a crises that will be in our grand children’s history books.   I’m sure they will wonder about us, just as we often wondered what America was thinking during the Republican Era of the 20’s, when they actually outlawed alcoholic beverages.

Here is a  potpourri of takeaways…

Extremism should be shunned, not idolized.  There is no place in a civilized world for extremism.  We’re adults now, We’ve grown past that. Whether the Tea Party, Al Qaeda, or the Koch Brothers, the world was a safer place when we kept people like that locked up.

We are a pluralistic society. We really do have districts that believe and support what the Tea Party stands for.  We have the same for Democrats, and for moderate Republicans.  Our political system needs to represent reality, by evolving to 3 parties.   No one objects to Bernie Sanders being neither a Democrat or Republican. In fact he is revered for speaking his mind.  Really.  Were he forced to toe the line of any party, we’d all be poorer for it.   The Republicans need to shove off the teas, and look towards the BlueDogs to augment their numbers. Suddenly we’d have clarity.

It’s time to work with people.  Stop going it “my way or the highway”  …  That is posturing.  It gets nothing done.

A lot of people lost a lot of money, for something that we all knew would pan out just this way a long time ago…  We could have handled it differently.  It is time to change the House and Senate rules that make us worship obstruction and damn cooperation.

Shutting the government down and risking economic default, is very similar to extending a huddle while the clock is running and the other team has control of the ball.  Our huddle is a bubble; not the real world.  We now have to come from behind vis a vis China.  They scored a couple of touchdowns during our intra-team argument.

Things get done in the Senate, not the House.  I would venture  it is because  Senators, as are governors, are elected by their entire state. They can’t be too extreme because they have to represent everyone.  House members in gerrymandered districts, don’t have to represent anyone.  That makes them ideal pawns to used by larger forces to wreak havoc upon the normal governmental process.  One could say (with a wink and a nod) that this compromise was forged in great degree, by the influence of Mitch McConnell’s challenger.

If someone is dead wrong, and you don’t flinch, they will.  The American people are the ultimate judge and they usually get it right.

I heard more honest reporting in the American media on this episode, than I have ever heard in my life.  Real facts. The truth. Things one usually does not find in the American media.  I heard spin too, but the media cleaned itself up pretty well, making it obvious those doing the spin  were spinning, and all those doing the spinning turned out to be pretty pathetic jokes.  Seriously, jokes.  Kind of puts new meaning into the phrase:  “Does anyone know what (the) Fox says?”

We do this entire thing, all over again in thirteen weeks…  Starting from scratch… Again.   Go figure.