Recognizing the possibility that Obamacare will not create a default of USA payments, the Republicans have tacked on a new demand.

Although Congressman Boehner has said privately he is not in favor and thinks the idea is stupid, nevertheless the House has the vote to not pass a funding bill unless it’s demands are fully met.

As Mitch McConnell stated before the Senate,  “We Republicans will not acquiesce to raising the debt ceiling unless all our demands are met in full.”

The Democrats have met all the demands but one, and that one will never pass in the Senate, nor would it get signed by the President.

Although called ridiculous by pundits, moderate Republicans, and Democrats, the Tea Party segment has chosen to default upon our debts, if Sarah Palin is not added to Mt. Rushmore.

Although the expense would be astronomical, especially adding rock to the mountain to complete her new bustline, still Republicans who feel insulted by comments made by 99% of America’s citizens, want their respect bad.

Eric Cantor boldly stated:  “An America without Sarah Palin on Mr. Rushmore, is not America.  If it is not America, there is no special reason it cannot default on debt as any other country.  If you want America to be special, and by special I mean pay its obligations on time, then we must get the commitment to place Sarah Palin on Mt. Rushmore by October 1st.”

Currently the House has enough supporters to keep key budget legislation from being passed.  The President reiterated this afternoon, that he would not deal with hostage takers, over Sarah Palin’s bust.

Ted Cruz was said he would perform another all-nighter for Sarah Palin’s benefit.  He requested that she be by his side.

“With her beside me, .. I couldn’t go to the bathroom even if I went to the bathroom…”  Fox News picked up off an open mike.