If you got your news from anywhere else but Allan Loudell on WDEL, you probably missed this…

As you know, Ted Cruz is a hater of  Obama-care.

As you know, the House passed a budget bill that defunds Obama-care which Harry Reid said was dead on arrival in the Senate.

As you know, if the debt ceiling is not raised this week, America defaults on its debt and our superior bond rating drops, costing us a lot more to borrow money.

So,  Ted Cruz and Mike Lee ( also of similar persuasion) , are filibustering  the House Bill of which they were previously supportive and helped write.

They are filibustering THEIR OWN BILL?

Here is their thought process.  This bill is a joke and no one took it seriously but the clock is running out.  By filibustering twice,  this bill which would have been voted down 98-2 must now wait three days for the first filibuster to end, then wait three more days for the second filibuster to end,  then get voted down just hours and minutes before the US defaults on its debts, and hopefully too late for anything to jump in and stop the massive default..

Since they can’t do anything else to ruin the economy, they will filibuster their own bill, and by not letting anyone else get their hands on the steering wheel, let the economy drive over the cliff….

Didn’t know this?  So then why are you still listening to CNN?  To ABC?  To NBC?  What in the hell is wrong with you?