In a suspicious home invasion down in Kenton, Delaware, the local police blotter, comes this story.

“Residents say they were awakened at 3 am when the front door was bashed in… In came a man the children described as looking like the incredible hulk who began smashing things in the house.  Damage was estimated by the insurance company at over $10,000 “It was horrible ” the mother said.  The children were screaming. I was screaming. My husband was screaming like a little girl. ” The invader was looking for a floppy disc.  “Where is it? he demanded. I want that floppy disc”.  The wife procured a floppy disc and hand it to him, He immediately left.

He was overheard on his cell phone, saying “Boss, I got the disc.  Yeah!  I used credible pressure”

Not sure if I’d want to be attached to this statement, Chris….

“Credible pressure from the United States helped draw out Russia’s proposal to work with the international community?