Since the advent of modern technology, we are terrible as humans, myself included. Therefore in celebration of that, I have taken some words for Transparent Christina’s reblogged item “A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending” by deutsch29 and just randomly highlighted key phrases and randomly pasted them here….

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It is important to those promoting CCSS that the public believes the idea that CCSS is “state-led.” The CCSS website reports as much and names two organizations as “coordinating” the “state-led” CCSS.

On those principally involved in CCSS development, one views a listing of 29 individuals…, only 2 out of 29 members are not affiliated with an education company.

CCSS is not “state led.” It is “Gates led.”

In total, the four organizations primarily responsible for CCSS– NGA(National Governors Association), CCSSO(Council of Chief State School Officers), Achieve Inc., and Student Achievement Partners– have taken $147.9 million from Bill Gates.

Neither are the following endorsers of Common Core unscathed. …

American Enterprise Institute: $1,068,788.

American Federation of Teachers: $5,400,000.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development: $3,269,428.

Council of Great City Schools: $5,010,988.


Education Trust: $2,039,526.

National Congress of Parents and Teachers: $499,962.

National Education Association: $3,982,597.

Thomas B. Fordham Institute: $1,961,116.

Over all Common Core has received $171,432,405 from Bill Gates.   It is NOT state-led.