Breaking stories on the NSA…

New Zealand reveals the NSA used PRISM to capture Kim Dot Com of Megaload a year and a half ago.  Proving that despite all insistence that this would only be used for terrorists, it was not.  It was used to satisfy huge democratic donors (movie studio magnates) after SOPA/PIPA was defeated and pulled.

The Independent broke a story about how the NSA spliced mid-eastern cables to read data from the mid-east.  Remember those cables cut in the MId East say around 2008?  Snowden has commented that he’s never talked to the Independent.  Which means, the UK is now leaking information for two reasons.  One, to possibly show that what they do is vital to fight against terrorism, and perhaps to nudge public opinion against Snowden, and two, since they obviously know the information that is to be leaked, (after all, it’s their’s) …  they are leaking it themselves to control the dissemination of information…. What that means is you shut this unnecessary operation down, then leak it. You shut that unnecessary operation down, you leak it.  That keeps any surprises from catching you off guard….  I’m glad they’re getting smart down the road at Ft. Meade..

Third.  The New York Times now has the tape.  Smuggled from the Guardian, there iw a secure copy in the United States officially.   This is the same New York Times whose editor gleefully stated that Snowden needed to fry, and of whom Snowden, capable of listening to anyone in the world, was definitely afraid of giving information due to leaks back upwards to the White House.  That said, there is really no other paper in the US capable of holding on to such a high risk object, than the New York Times.  We will get some information; but not all.  It is a US paper, and by that alone, is not independent at all to report what it wants.  I would have chosen Der Spiegel. Someone who would read it with outrage.

Total take away is this:

  • There IS massive spying on US Citizens.
  • They know everything about you, and will use it to protect or enhance any corporation.
  • It is stored and can be pulled by anyone with or without clearance at any time so… BE GOOD……

But we knew that already.   Still, it is nice to have it confirmed, so everyone else knows as well.

Is it time to close the NSA down?  What do you think?  Maybe force them to live off their hedge funds for a while?….