I heard from  Nancy that some dubious fact finders are trying to embarrass Markell and Democrats by raising the fact that the new data center going into Newark is NOT going to use Bloom boxes; then tsking away with their patented headshake and a :  “my, isn’t that special.”  They are trying to imply that if a new business won’t use the product being made here in Delaware, it had to be a bad idea to invest in putting that product here.

Before this gets out of control, let me explain why this isn’t so.

A data center uses tremendous amounts of power. The cost of power per year is usually equal to the cost of the initial capital investment.  Bloom Boxes do not have sufficient output.

The scale of argument being made by some on the right, could be likened to asking why a Walmart being built, won’t cool its buildings with portable window units.

Silly, right? Which is why the “Right” should stay out of arguments over its head, and should retreat back to arguing only what it knows best:   which actually, is nothing, really.