One time last week as I was doing the grocery shopping I looked up at the clouds on that spectacularly beautiful day.  I call them West Texas clouds because they are the kind you see on the prairie,  small puffy cumulus clouds that never will give rain,  but stretch across the horizon from one end to another….

I looked right through them.  it was then I realized my perspective had changed.

Growing up, clouds were always the ceiling of my world.  The tall thunderstorms reached as high as clouds could go,  That was the upper limit of my universe.  The lower was probably the pit in Hibbing or Anaconda Mines.

Oh, I read books about things beyond that realm,  But they were out there, not me, not my daily living.

But my perspective has changed.  These clouds that used to set the upper boundaries, now were seen as only the first layer of a blanket touching earth. My mind instead of seeing the clouds gracing the ceiling, saw them only scuttling across the floor.

My center of perspective had changed.  And it was somewhere over the past two years.

I don’t know why. or how.  Perhaps it is the constant YouTube bombardments of earth from 200 miles up.  Seeing Northern Lights from the perspective of looking down, Seeing land masses glow at night between the darkness of the oceans.  I truly wonder if it was the day off, shared by video with a man in a balloon as he rose to the highest one has been, then jumped out, falling downwards to again set feet on familiar ground.  One sees the clouds so close to the ground. Perhaps it is being in control of shuttles, battleships, while jumping across galaxies, with a Playstation console in my hand.  Perhaps it is the wealth of info, about the sun, the moon, the near planets, the far planets, the moons of the far planets, the fact we are digging on Mars right this minute.   Perhaps it is the pictures of Earth from Saturn, peeking out from underneath it’s rings, that I recently saw.  Or the first time I saw earth from Mars.  Perhaps it is the picture of our solar system’s sun, a mere dot in a sea of black, as Pioneer 1 goes trotting outside into the real, universe… space not beholden to our sun….I

Maybe it was the accumulation of all.  Or perhaps it is that though technology and first hand experience, these are a part of me, and not just something said by someone else. But now for whatever reason, when I see West Texas Clouds over the Delmarva peninsula , my reference is and will be how they must look from above.  That now, has become the central point of reference…

Have we evolved?

Gosh, You Can Really Tell Who Is Cheating On Whom Up Here